Notre Dame

PRIVATE COLLECTION – After hosting my first ever solo art show, I offered any painting in the show as a gift to my parents, Jim and Karen Killen, in gratitude. They did not hesitate to stipulate this painting of Notre Dame as their choice. Mom, dad and I shared Paris in Ocotber 2009 while they celebrated their 5oth anniversary. It was a most treasured trip with two of the finest people in the world.

This small original oil received a great deal of interst at my show. The scene is from the Pont de l’Archeveche, which is the bridge where so many couples attach a padlock to the chain link and toss the keys in the Seine, sealing their love or friendship. It is also the perfect place to view Notre Dame from the angle that revelas the flying butresses and sacristy. I worked from an images I made while there with my kids in March 2011 and with my fiancee Carol in September 2011. This is looking west at sunset and captures so much of the love I have for the great city of Paris.